Friday, September 15, 2006


Driving from Rome to Sorrento

While it is not terribly difficult getting to the Amalfi Coast, transportation can be a bit tricky. My group chose to travel to Sorrento via rental car from the airport in Rome. Of course, I was the nominated driver (another story entirely). I did have mapquest directions from the airport to Sorrento, but my navigator missed one crucial step, which was to exit towards Castellammare. Do not miss this exit unless you are brave as hell.

Knowing a bit about the geography from researching the trip, I knew we could get to Sorrento from Salerno. From Salerno, we thought it would be fun to drive to Sorrento via the Amalfi Coast road. Again, do not do this unless you are brave as hell or have some sort of death wish. The nearly 30 kilometers of hairpin turns and barely enough room for two cars let alone tour buses is enough to make you want to cry for your Mommy. The passengers said the views were the some most breathtaking in the world. I on the other hand was clenching the steering wheel and making deals with God to get me through the ordeal.

We did end up on the correct road (Castellammare) on our return trip. This road just barely more driver friendly. So, my advice to you… Take the train, sit back, and enjoy. You can catch a train from Termini in Rome and switch in Naples to the Circumvesuvia Train (details to follow). If you want to see the views of the Amalfi Coast road, take a tour bus. These drivers are used to the road conditions.

Saturday, August 19, 2006


Where to Go, What to Do?

So you have decided you want to take a trip? If I can offer you one piece of advice...RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH.

How many times have you taken a trip to the same place because you are comfortable there and know your way around? Don’t do it!!! Save that special place for retirement. There are so many fantastic destinations that it is a waste not to get out and explore new and uncharted territories. Don’t be intimidated.

Don’t make the mistake of going to a new vacation destination without researching first. You’ll spend your time trying to find out information on where to go and what to do while you should be enjoying the experience. You know what you like. Whether you are more interested in shopping or rock climbing, the internet is littered with information. I usually spend a good 20+ hours researching my travel destinations.

Once you decide on a location:
* Make a list of activities that interest you (i.e. museums, rock climbing etc..)
* Google these activities to find the location of each (most cities have tourism web sites)
* Find activity locations and print maps from hotel
* Find out cost (some activities may be cheaper on certain days)
* Find out the hours and if reservations are required
* Prioritize the activities (you may not have time for everything)
* Find out means of transportation (train, car, taxis)
* If you will not have a vehicle, choose a centrally located hotel
* Use or to research hotels and view guest comments about the hotel.
* Print driving directions to and from cities you may be visiting
* Learn a few polite phrases (please, thank you etc…) when traveling to a foreign speaking country

Remember the item about prioritizing your activities. Please don’t over do. After all, some of the best experiences are just relaxing and enjoying the scenery. Definitely build in some time for enjoying the culture and La Dolce Vita!


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